Congratulations on your callback! We are so excited to hear you sing again! Callbacks will be held on Friday, 9/30 in Old Union 201. 

The following are the steps to rock your Counterpoint Callback! Each step has tips for what we're looking for in each part of your callback. If the tips intimidate you then feel free to ignore them completely; the number one thing we care about is that you're as enthusiastic about singing and being a part of the group as we are. 

Step 1: Download the sheet music for your vocal part

Tip: In this part of the callback, we're looking for how well your voice blends into the rest of the group. We want to be able to hear your individual part as well as the other parts around you. In a larger sense, when we hear you sing with the group, we want to hear one group, not individual voices. We're also looking for how well you can sing the notes of your part when other people around you are singing different parts. To practice, you could get together with some friends and sing this (or any other song) together. As you're singing, listen for -how- your friend sings. What do their vowels sound like? How loud are they singing? What is their style like? Try to match their singing as close as possible. To practice holding your part, try downloading the sheet music for another vocal part and singing your assigned vocal part over it. 

Step 2: Download the sheet music for the solo you'd like to sing for us

Tip: For this solo, we're looking for you to make the solo your own. Show us your unique style! We especially want to see the energy that you bring to a performance.

Step 3: Prepare a solo of your choosing

Tip: Same as above. Again, we especially want to see the energy that you bring to a performance. Don't worry about needing to sing a specific style to fit into what the group typically sings - we're much more interested in hearing songs that showcase what you love about your voice and individual style.

Step 4: Attend Music Learning on Thursday 9/29 from 7-9pm at the Women's Community Center Main Lounge

Step 5: Keep being your awesome self!